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Porn  I think I should let you know a little bit about me; I am just your average house mouse who has hobbies like most gal’s; Sewing,baking,drawing, and promoting World Peace; When I am not too busy with these; I also kept busy as an amatuer model making and appearing in amatuer pornographic video’s and photo shoots; depicting romantic couplings such as 1on1, 2on1, as well as mmm/f, mmmm/f, and a few ????MMMMM/F(me theF)  as one more not for profit hobby, when not busy sewing, baking, and promoting World Peace, or  doing crossword puzzles.  I had my own swingers web-site during this time but due to being total  hosting weenies it no longer exists although they are hoping to find a new slut to purchase the site as exists and get screwed by them in addition to the enumerable number of male guest models a slut must screw for web content.                                                                                                                                Now days I am working this Blog Post to share my experiences with my followers using a different format than the previous site offered, had the damned thing would have functioned like a decent web-site. Now I am not so much inclined to seek out rommantic encounters for U.S. Code2215 Compliant filming of my self getting fucked, DP,d swallowing multiple semen ejaculations, nor getting Gang-Banged by small to large groups of gentelmen; When I participate not as a viewer or spectator but an enthusiastic player on the field in the forementioned sports it will be strictly recreation in the future as I feel that a significant number of folks would enjoy still seeing me getting fucked as well as on special occasions view me being gang-banged also. A few folks may as well wish to fuck me or maybe pull a train on my maturing body so to facilitate the folks, I shant desist from fucking in timely fashion for social and recreational purpose at any time I am not preocupied with the sewing, baking, and promoting World Peace.  So on special occasions, events, holidays, and social gatherings will take on all cummers for your erotic stimulation right here. hotdee13.


22 Mar - Adult Porn GIFs and Layouts. – Adult Porn GIFs and Layouts. I WILL UPDATE THIS POST 03/22/2017 DONT YOU DARE MISS IT.


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~Magickal Graphics~ THAT MEANS IT IS ABOUT TIME TO RIDE ! For us gals time to ride and get riden more often So if you are scooter folks it is time to dust it off nd do the wrenching cause warm weaher is ahead; Time to put it backin the wind. Wont be long till the runs, rides, party’s, events, and rodeos are here. Warm/Hot Days you guys can enjoy the companionship of the naked or next too practicaly naked gals. I have been dreaming of this day for an unfathomable length of time; awaiting the days and locations where my g-string will be my only formal atire; that fashionable piece of clothbeing optional at a number of places on the got to go too list. Many Scooter folks are avid swingers as well as being  bikers so that makes for additional recreation oppurtunity while enjoying the outdoors, beer, hardliquor, and wholesome fellowship with like minded folks. I am getting my essentials organized; Sun Glasses, G-Strings, Leather vest For bar hops or wal-mart, Blanket, Lube, Condoms, Flask, and a tank top long enough to cover my ass and vagina if we do hit a wal-mart and want to show the respect the staff and patrons are deserving of. The Blanket optional eqpt. if we hit a flop house, bar with overnight floor, or get put up by fellow cycle enthusists; but will be required for any roadside romantic interludes; I’t will be a true and devine blessing for rhe wear and tear to my knees, hand’s and my but cheeks; Depending upon what positions I may be required to assume to facilitate the occasional  romantic advances of some of the guys; Thus Blanket #1 PRIORITY.


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Due to having purchased/assumed an already established ADULT swinger/Adult site from it’s previous founder; I became the web-master, founder, and slut in comand of an Adult Swingers web-site located at a low quality server/host located in Istanbul Turkey. I had aquired an additional 1200+ members during my tenure as web-master  and had the hose/server done the minimal tech support or a single upgrade to their eqpt. it should have increased in membership a hundred times more. Often times I was notified that new members were unable to access the site after completing their profile page, would notify me of a reported issue, in turn I would contact them to remind them that tech-issues were their problem and responsability to correct and then they would bill me for a support ticket for requesting tech-support but never correct a single thing; ever. If half the site features worked whatsoever on a given day, I attributed that as a divine intervention of our heavenly father to care for my devoted tripple XXX fans and followers, many of whom expressed a sinceere desire to fuck me and several followers did during my tenure at that site.                                                                        The sad part of this unfortunate situation is that the previous web-master had built this pornographic paradise, (paradise being my additions) and located it with, whom own and retain the domain name; Thus I am unable to transfer my site content to a reputable host/server.  So as many enumberable times I was screwed on film/photo for my site content, and a little fun, has trull’y screwed me. I compare their service to the foriegn owned motel where cochroaches roam the walls and the A.C. Unit falls out the window when you turn it on, but the 30 year old black and white t.v. works ok on one station.                                                                                                                  Well enough on that, I have decided to try to re-establish my former erotic empire here as a kinder and genteler porn/swinger format, a simple place for my fans and followers to visit, plus a number of them do still wish to fuck me one on one or in groups upon one (me the one) so if you or they are of that cintingent, you may feel free to write me here about that issue, but keep it clean when broaching the subject; or at my private e-mail and if you have that you would have already fucked me at least once, so include a cock-pic to make sure I can recall you.  If a member of a group of gentlemen please give an honest count of the number in the group, been down the inacurate size count road and not a mathmatician but 6 is not 26 so unexpected additional guests, well if I am drunk, I then my might just be able to be seduced into a larger romantic interlude.                                                                             Feel free to ask me anything and I hope any and all enjoy my posts, I am new to the blog format, most of my experience has been posting photo’s, video’s, html, answering mail, time permitting; not to mention fucking and sucking on and off camera, but I will give this blog deal my best shot.

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